Anthony R. Behr

Tony is the Managing Partner of the firm. You may contact Tony for any inquiry at 314-862-3800 Ext: 229 or

Lorra D. Goodman 

Lorra is the firm's Office Administrator. Lorra is responsible for managing the Firm's human resources and benefits. In addition, Lorra manages the day-to-day office administration and Firm accounting. You may contact Lorra at 314-862-3800 Ext: 236 or

Behr, McCarter, Potter, Neely & Hyde, PC

7777 Bonhomme Ave # 1400

St. Louis, MO 63105, USA

Phone: 314-862-3800

Fax: 314-862-3953

Our Offices are located in the Sevens Building, just west of the intersection of Bonhomme Ave and S. Hanley Rd.